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We all face problems in life.  When these problems overwhelm us, they affect our happiness, our relationships and our health.  In a safe, caring and confidential environment I facilitate clients in finding their own solutions.  My aim is to assist them in developing their own personal awareness, to explore their anxieties and identify the patterns of behaviour preventing them from leading fulfilling lives.



General Counselling

Couples Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Anger Management

Grief and Loss Counselling

Person Centred Arts Therapy


General Counselling provides an opportunity to feel listened to and supported by a professional counsellor in a safe, caring and confidential environment.


Couples Counselling:  Many aspects of life today can cause conflict in a couple’s life together.  Counselling provides the opportunity to learn strategies to overcome this conflict and help couples recapture their closeness and happiness.


Relationship Counselling helps individuals focus on the problems they are experiencing in their relationships and to learn strategies and techniques to eliminate these problems.


Anger Management:  Counselling in this area helps the individual to explore the source of excessive or uncontrollable anger and to identify triggers and learn coping techniques to deal with this anger.


Personal Centred Arts Therapy uses the medium of art to facilitate therapy. 


Grief and Loss Counselling helps individuals cope with natural reactions to either the physical loss of a loved one or social loss through divorce or relationship breakdown.  Here, stages of grief which are commonly experienced will be explored.  Also the emotional effects of loss – anxiety, guilt, despair and sadness – as well as the physical symptoms such as lack of sleep and illness will also be examined.














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