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Personal Therapy

When students are training to become counsellors it is recommended that they engage in regular personal therapy sessions.   This work helps them with self-knowledge leading to an awareness of their values, attitudes and behaviours which affect the counselling process.  It also helps them experience the counselling process, gaining inner strength which in turn increases their ability to help others.

If you are a student, fully trained therapist, or mental health practitioner and would like to engage in one to one personal therapy please contact me directly for details of the process.


Supervision is an evolving alliance between practitioners that is focused on enhancing the clinical effectiveness of the supervisee. It enables the supervisee to reflect on all aspects of their clinical work in a structured way. Supervision is part of good practice and ensures that the welfare of clients is paramount and that a quality of service is maintained.


I offer both one-to-one and group supervision and if you would like any further information regarding this service please contact me directly.














Contact: E-mail: info@maryegancounselling.com : Tel: 065 6824218 or 087 6493336




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